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Our Only Day

you are more endearing
than yesterday—
now that I know how you feel
about that tulip tree
you introduced me to—
the one so big
we both could give it a hug
and still not reach
each others fingertips.
You took me off the trail
to show me its secret life—
and in reverence we stood
on its fallen branches
covered in moss
as green as my envy
that all your love
has already taken root
and I am just something lost
in the wind,
caught for a while
on one of your perfect branches.





Painting by Lawren Harris, 1914-1917
“Algonquin Sketch”

Thunderstorm, 2 a.m.

It hasn’t happened yet—
that thing you dread.
But you’re sure it’s coming
toward you like the
red splotches on the radar
making their way
to your front door.
You can almost hear
the tap tap tap on your
stained glass windows
and you brace yourself
for the kind of wind
that can rip up trees
and snap the roots right off
and leave the branches
reaching up for help
that will never come.


DeMaris Gaunt

Blow Away

You pick up the book
and put it down again.
You can’t read
in this empty house
with this ache
in the red round hollow
between your lungs.
You thought the day
was yours—
that you had a choice
in how to spend it.
And even though
you want to read
that goddamned book
you must walk outside
and take him with you—
hoping the wind
will blow him away
and put him back
where you found him—
in one of those sections
marked FICTION
deep in the center
of your heart.




DeMaris Gaunt

This Wind

A fearsome thing it is today,
this wind.
Hardly a break between the gusts,
and when it takes a breath
even the calm seems to whistle
an eerie tune.
No wonder the gods were born
in its lungs
during all that time
we spent in caves
before bricks and mortar,
and before Aristotle
began in earnest
to understand everything
he didn’t.
There was no question then
that the wind was a mind, alive.
But now, at least,
we know it has no intention
to rip off the shingles, or make us afraid.
No sacrifice of virgins required
to appease it.
It will leave us alone,
like the gods, soon enough.


DeMaris Gaunt