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Later in your life
after you’ve become
a closeted
functioning alcoholic
you realize
you’d been too hard
on all those folks
you knew to be dependent
on their loved ones
to make sense
of their happiness
and worth.
You’d been too hard
on everyone.
Even the dishes
waiting in the sink
tell you how much
trouble it is
to be so necessary
and so abused—
and you couldn’t agree
more unless
the comment came
from someone you loved
who was real
and sober—
and recovering from
the daunting chore
of giving up
the delusion
that they had it all
under some kind
of complete control.


DeMaris Gaunt

Hill = Man

Hill = Man

Behind you is the hill

or mountain peak—

call it whatever you want


now that you’ve moved past

the slippery stones that

hurried your decent


and cracked the white bones and

invisible spirit

you travel with.


When you were still on the bottom

of the other side

you didn’t know


it would have the kind of beauty

that disappoints

as you get closer


or that the side you couldn’t see

would be so steep.

And even though you’re


out from under that long shadow—

there it is miles away

always in plain sight.


DeMaris Gaunt