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Little Voices

is going to show up
on your doorstep
whether you sleep
through the night
or barely survive
the way it twists
and turns your plans
into something
nefarious instead of
and beautiful—
and the night is
notorious for keeping
you awake with doubts
that begin to sound
like voices that know
you better than you
know yourself.









you pull a book off the shelves
to help you with the waiting.
Anthologies allow you
to open the book somewhere
in the middle and glimpse
an entire universe of sensation
without starting from the beginning
or missing out on the ending
because you don’t have time
to complete anything right now.
You have plans,
and just need to kill five minutes
so your heart won’t implode
and burst into a pink super nova.
And all you can do while you’re waiting
is fail to be surprised that the poem
burning you was written by Anne Sexton,
her familiar name below the last lines
like a flame you suddenly need to feed.
And when you learn that she died
the year after you were born,
you’re dazed, and it feels
like you’ve been cheated,
like you’re the first to bear the news.
Maybe you’ll even cancel
all your plans.


DeMaris Gaunt

Faithful Airplanes

is unnecessary
if no harm’s been done,
but still, I think I’ll never tell anyone
how beautiful it was
to spend those hours
so fully enraptured by his company
in that small bar off the lobby
where we never touched
or discussed
what we’d have for dinner the next day
because there wouldn’t be one for us—
no next day, since airplanes
are mostly faithful to their schedule—
in sync with the plans we made
before we met.
And because we talked
so deeply about morality
we shook hands
as we exited the hotel,
both of us certain an embrace
would unravel us, turn us inside out
in one of those rooms upstairs
where anything could happen
and nothing
none of it
would ever be forgiven.