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For a while
I suspected there was
something beautiful
growing in your heart that
wasn’t meant for me
and I watched it bloom
into abundance
and I watered it carefully
wondering who would prune
he branches
when they began to reach
for the door and the car keys
at odd hours in the day—
and how strange it was
to witness your betrayal
as a patron of the arts
with front row seats
to a performance
so spectacular
I wanted to applaud!
And I wanted to root
for the lovers, who after all
had only fallen out of love
and then back into it
with fresh sympathies
and renewed expectations.
I might have done the same,
my love, if the right seeds
had taken root in the right soil—
and now I’ll clip
that stubborn vine that links me
so haphazardly to you
and I will always love
the way we carved
our initials into this life
which is ours to
make jagged or smooth.

DeMaris Gaunt