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How to Love an Introvert Part III

If possible
become someone else
with thicker skin
try to be uncrushable
be ready
and brace yourself
for rejection
that will come
as an apology
your introvert knows
he exists in a world
ruled by the
social appetites
of extroverts
and even though
you are not one of them
you’ve conformed
to the expectations
of the social order
and have taken
great care
to filter your thoughts
before you speak
and master
the appropriate
responses to benign
and ordinary questions
how was your day
but don’t you dare
waste his precious time
with questions
that don’t
draw out of him
the essence of
who he is
which you suspect
will resemble you
in your purest form.







“Moonlight” by Winslow Homer 1894

How to Love an Introvert Part II

Don’t make him ask
for space
stand back
way back
wait to be invited in
and never stay too long
or try to expand
his sanctum of solitude
which will only ever
be big enough for one
and occasionally you
might find
that your introvert
seems to be
missing you
in the familiar way
you’re used to missing him
but don’t believe
for a moment
that this means
you will inhabit his future
in any conceivable reality
so be sensitive
to the limits
of your loved one
and never
never expect to mean
as much to him
as he means to you.







“Baleen” by Andrew Wyeth 1982