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“My god”
was never something I said
when something shocked
or amazed or angered me—
back when I believed
in that thing which was once
at the center of my imagination—
that thing I thought
had the power to crush me
with an intelligence
I was too stupid to understand.

“My god.”
Still, it’s something I’ll never say—
for different reasons now.
The fear of punishment
for taking the lord’s name in vain
is as potent as the fires of hell—
which means there’s no power
in that phrase and no power
in that awful place
that exists only in the imaginary
glitches of our intelligent minds.


DeMaris Gaunt


Above Auschwitz

Pretend for a moment
you are the creator
of the universe,
which is easy to do
if you will visit Youtube
and find the footage
of a manmade drone
flying above Auschwitz
on the 70th anniversary
of its liberation.
Your view will be unpopulated
by the events of the 1940’s
but if you use your imagination
it will be clear by the double
barbed wire fences
this place was unkind
to bone and blood and breath.
And while you soar
try to imagine
what it must have been like
to see it all below
yet fold your arms indifferently
as you listened
to the hopeless masses
pray for bread
and mercy and deliverance—
or a one minute reprieve
to rest their tired feet.
The scene is accompanied
by music –
appropriately melancholy
which brings you to tears
and makes it impossible
for you not to be moved
or sickened
or compelled to believe
there was no god to care
or hear, or intervene—
which is what you would have done
if all the power in the world
were yours.

DeMaris Gaunt