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“My god”
was never something I said
when something shocked
or amazed or angered me—
back when I believed
in that thing which was once
at the center of my imagination—
that thing I thought
had the power to crush me
with an intelligence
I was too stupid to understand.

“My god.”
Still, it’s something I’ll never say—
for different reasons now.
The fear of punishment
for taking the lord’s name in vain
is as potent as the fires of hell—
which means there’s no power
in that phrase and no power
in that awful place
that exists only in the imaginary
glitches of our intelligent minds.


DeMaris Gaunt


One Brief Moment

It took years

for my understanding to bloom

above the weeds that choked my reason—


years for my faith to become so small

it simply collapsed—

severed in one brief moment

like a tree trunk hacked slowly away by an ax.


As of today,

I will no longer be grateful to any first cause

that requires my prayer,

but to that first accumulation of cells

that took so long to evolve

into a consciousness that could examine

its own existence,


in the beautiful freedom of the cosmos—


not a single string attached

not a single flame to fear.




DeMaris Gaunt


Celestial Cafe

Celestial Café

It’s really too bad

there isn’t an afterlife

that is only temporary

where the recently dead

could meet in some celestial café

to share their death stories—

what theirs felt like,

and if they saw it coming.


Did it hurt?

would be a popular topic,

and there would be a reverence

in the air that had nothing

to do with the now abandoned gods

once worshiped.


Everyone would have a turn

to tell their truth

which would have been revealed

when the life they’d lived

flashed before their eyes

in just a few seconds,

and they could see they’d been holding on

to the wrong lifeline all that time,

and now, free from influence,

they can open their hands

to let it all go.




DeMaris Gaunt