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will go wrong
after we fix
and affix
to each other
like the oars
in our hands
the waters
that carry us
cover us
wet our appetite
for more
nights spent
each other
inside out
until we are
so clean
we tried to hide
will be
to be accepted
if not
or loved.








Easter Sunday, 2017

I spent the morning
without Jesus
lingering like he used to
on the outskirts
of my sinful heart.
Now that I’ve cracked him
like an Easter egg
I can enjoy all the candy
of my imagination
without wondering
if he’s been peeking
into my private windows
as if some stone
had been rolled away.
And all the forgiveness
in the world
will not remove the
joy I feel for every sin
I’ve committed
in the name of love.








How to Forgive

I can remember
with clarity
how much I hated
my father
after my mother told me
that he’d cheated
back when I was only
five years old
and for years
I couldn’t look at him
without feeling
like he betrayed me too
even though I read
Bridges of Madison County
and watched the movie
seventeen times
and I loved the way
those two characters
loved each other
despite the fact
that Francesca was married
and I forgave them
for making love
on the living room floor
which is where
I’ve found myself lately
beside a man
who never meant
to become my lover
or the kind of man
who’d make it possible
for me to realize
how fast a grudge
can turn to empathy
and all of a sudden
I am the one who is sorry
for all those years
I acted like I could never
be swept away.





November 24th, 2016


You are running out of time
and you know it’s not right
to spend it wanting the hours
to slow down in your favor
so you can have a little more time
to consider the damage you’ve already done.
You want to believe it will all work out—
That forgiveness will wait for you
on the other side of every last mistake
you’re about to make—
and you’ve concluded that making them
is what you do best—
and this Thanksgiving could be your last
so you want to make it count
by giving thanks for the duplicity
inherent in such a day—
that two people can share an equal
and opposite feeling of gratitude
for things that happened
and things that didn’t.


DeMaris Gaunt


The Internal Affair

The Internal Affair


Their face need not be wholly beautiful.

An unexpected smile is enough

to ignite this startling daydream.


And because their body,

possibly flawed with imperfections,

is navigable only in your mind,


a new one can be created.

Surely yours, too, has been improved

without your knowing;


A scar removed, a bruise erased,

skin softened,

lifted and smoothed.


But before you close your eyes

and step away from your happy life

to imagine some parallel existence with this stranger,


some single detail must have drifted below the surface

of your stagnant waters

like a swallowed baited hook.


Just one mundane thing you have in common

is significant enough to push you up the stairs to your private attic

where you will stretch to reach your highest shelf


to remove a handful of unfulfilled wishes

which you will scatter like confetti

into one of your many vacant rooms.



DeMaris Gaunt