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Things happened
that weren’t particularly
memorable or wonderful
or exciting today—
but I was alive with all senses intact,
and I smelled the roses in a literal way
when a child no more than five
ran right into me at the park,
fleeing her mother’s disapproval
over the handful of wild blossoms
she’d picked while her mother’s
attention was on her phone—
and I wanted to tell the child
to hold onto those roses
and run a little faster
while she’s still young enough
to believe that beauty is worth
such stunning futility.
But I was silent—
which is what, when grown,
we’ve learned so well to be.

DeMaris Gaunt

What We Want

don’t give it to me.
Do not give it to me.
Even though I want it.
I want to want it—
whatever it is
don’t let me have it
taste it
bruise it
ruin it —
just let me sit here with it
out of reach—
my heart singing
and burning
and longing for it—
this thing I want.
This wanting is so pure
and delicious—
so full of pleasures
it could not be improved
or made perfect by
is not what I want—
what I want
is to want.
There is nothing
that could satisfy me

DeMaris Gaunt


You like to think you have it
most of the time—
that it’s one of your possessions,
saved for and bought
with experience and time.
Does it really matter
(you wonder to yourself)
if you leave it at home when
you know you’ll be seeing her again?
And all you want
is for her to know everything
she’s meant to you
all these years – even now—
and in this public café
you’ll get the chance
to apologize for the ending scene
you caused the last time you spoke—
when control was something
you only knew how to lose.


DeMaris Gaunt