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How it Ends

The photo of you
sitting in a field
of wildflowers
made you seem accessible—
and the picture
of your body
halfway into Mosquito Lake
seemed to indicate
you lived for adventure—
but the joy in your eyes
as you stood on Mt. Rainier
was in fact nontransferable
to life down below
where love waited its turn
for you to find it
as beautiful a destination
as the mangroves
in Costa Rica and now
the Redwoods are calling
and you are almost gone.







Going Going Gone

It’s a mystery
why I stayed
so long
for being half
of myself
instead of whole
and it’s my fault
for thinking
that being alone
would reduce me
to loneliness
when there is
no place
more lonely
than being
at the table
from someone
who makes me
feel like I’m
not even there.






Out Loud

Now that it’s over
and I begin to speak of us
out loud in past tense
I am able to listen
to myself
explain to others
how a perfectly
complacent marriage
became a severing
of the cleanest kind
without war or bitterness
or even regret
because neither of us
will take responsibility
for our contribution—
which is that detail
each of us will leave out
when we hear ourselves
tell our side of the story.






Great Escape

Everyone has one: a breaking point—
beyond which no apology will suffice
and no amount of money
could erase or even ease
the daily burden of carrying
another human being’s indifference—
and just because you aren’t getting
the shit beat out of you this time around
doesn’t mean you aren’t going to bed
with bruises and open wounds—
accumulating enough ammunition
to ensure you won’t be coming back
after you finally reach yours.