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You never think
when you’re speeding
toward something
like a sky full of storms—

all you see
is the lightning
drawing spectacular
designs on the horizon
inviting you closer—

never mind
the pencil is electricity
and to hold it
would be an act of
defiance and stupidity—

all you want
is to feel brave
and unhinged
and there’s no amount
of shock
that will slow you down.










One of these days
everything about our lives
that is hidden and sacred
and beautiful
will be found out
and uncovered and exposed—
everything we’ve said
and felt and done together
will be discovered
and scrutinized and judged
to be bad and wrong
and immoral and depraved
and all we’ll have left
is the choice between
who we’ve made a life with
and who we love.






“Boulevard in Winter” Isaac Levitan, 1883


I lied to you.
It wasn’t true
that I had to leave,
that I had to step away
from our clandestine
for fear we’d be
There was no danger
we’d be found out—
no risk of my losing it all
because we shared
ourselves as best we could
with seventeen hours
and twenty eight minutes
between us.
After all my truths,
I lied to you—
so you’d let me go.
I knew you wouldn’t want
to be my downfall
or my terrible regret—
that you were wise enough
to see what damage
we could cause
if another day passed
without clipping
our beautiful wings.
And I almost felt
what I couldn’t dare tell you.
There’s a word for it—
and most people are mistaken
when they call it love.


DeMaris Gaunt