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to hear
your request
which felt
like a complaint—
and I could see
your feet
in my imagination
as my lips
into a grin—
a wish
you’d like me
to fulfill—
and your
that I failed
to see this need
fills me
with joy
that you
are human
after all—
that I have
any power at all
to hurt you—
even if
it’s only
a little.







It’s off
and you know it
and there’s
just no way
to settle it tonight—
so you go to bed
wondering how
you could have
been so mistaken
when you put
a little black
into the white
the painting to
become a little
more exciting
with shadows
so close
to the light—
but you ruined
the tone
and the mood
and the whole entire
sky is wrong
it wasn’t supposed
to look like rain.








Shadow of Doubt

Maybe we
should end today—
put our love to rest
before it begins
to want too much—
before it starts
to feel disappointed
by all these limits
we keep touching
when we want
to find each other
in the mess
of days—
haven’t we lived
long enough
to know happiness
will return to us
after it takes a leave
of absence?
Here in the dark
morning I know
the sun will blossom
soon and bring us
a pink promise
that thousands
of days are still ours
to live—
and this day
might be the hardest
and the longest
but somehow
we’ll survive it too.








That thing—
the curiosity
the admiration
the attraction
the impulse
the like
the love
you started to feel
when you saw
that we were
about to crash
into the same
forbidden wall
that kept us apart—
put it away.
Throw it away
get rid of it
put it in the trash
the landfill
down the drain
bury it
under the stars
before it starts
to go bad
to sour
to fail
to disappoint—
which we both know
it will.



Free Will

In the middle of your life
you will probably give
some thoughtful consideration
to the rest of it.
And because you know
what it feels like to have
succeeded less often
than you’ve failed
you think it might not be
a bad idea to go ahead and do
some of those things
that were curtailed by your
apprehension, and your
erroneous belief that good things
come to those who wait.
By now, your work ethic
should have accumulated
into a debt free future
filled with airline tickets
and bathing suits that flatter
your healthy choices—
but this is a reality that belongs
to others who,
through luck or inheritance
aren’t contemplating
the few uninspiring choices
presenting themselves to you.
But the trump card has always
been waiting in your pocket
with a royal smile—
tempting you to make
the kind of move
that takes you out of the game
and drops you into a wilderness
where you might just bloom
into something exotic
and unrecognizable—
but first you have to fold.


DeMaris Gaunt


You deny
that you will ever reach it-
that the exhilaration
of the summit
will always remain
in the delicious future-
that the drug-like high
of traveling toward the climax
will linger forever
as you enjoy the new
and spectacular views.
And you won’t see it coming-
the plateau-
but you know you’ve reached it
when all of a sudden
you can only climb back down.
DeMaris Gaunt