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I’m not sure if
is the right word—
maybe that’s too dramatic
for what it means
to wait
to wait
to wait
for my turn
to be relevant
and important enough
to have someone
who claims
to love me
when I need him—
and because I ask
for so little
it seems this
small request
could be fulfilled
without a fuss
and maybe even
with a sense of urgency
because time
isn’t on our side—
but it’s becoming clear
I am a convenience
instead of a need
I am a toy
instead of a treasure
and if he doesn’t come
I’ll know
how little I matter—
and desperate
will become the word
I must decide
to live with
or to leave.






You can cruise along for months
if not years
through the peaceful landscape
of your daily life—
greeting your loved one
in the morning,
touching them in loving
and affectionate ways,
talking and laughing easily for miles
and miles until something breaks
in the system.  It’s the engine.
Some tangle in the gears.
And all those years
of being well oiled and greased
have not welded into you
any inkling of how to reassemble
all the parts just right
so you can get back on the road
and arrive safely back at home.


DeMaris Gaunt

Photo Credit:
Brian Wells