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The Answer

Maybe love isn’t the answer
after all
to the question of happiness
which was never part of the plan
when the cells
that would become us
were dividing into our ancestors
who never knew how easy
life would be in the future
with sharp tools and wheels
and gods
we are no longer required
to believe in or praise
for giving us a desire for love
that many of us will never find
so it seems like a good idea
to bury our hearts
in a mass grave dug
with a mass-produced shovel
and seek unconditional devotion
in the divine and perfect form
of cat or dog.










What it Was

You might as well
let her call it love.
It was selfless and kind.
She would have given him
anything he wanted,
which is exactly
what she did.
She loved how
he loved his cats,
and his boat
out in that warm blue water,
and she smiled
when she thought of how
he waited so patiently
for the ice
and white snow
of winter.
Music, almost,
was everything,
and books that explained him
to himself
were everything else.
And because she knew him
so well,
she knew he wanted
nothing more
than to be imagined
instead of held
or touched
or believed
when it was his turn
to explain
what is so often mistaken
for love.