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All of You

I wanted
all of you
instead of
the part of you
that loved me.
I wanted
the other bits too—
the large
and burdened
sections of you
that felt
and reckless
for breaking up
the calm
you thought
would always
be yours.
I wanted you
to want me
to see
your shadow side—
I wanted you
to let me
hold your
but I couldn’t
get near enough
to touch it
or to see
the expression
on your face
if you would’ve
let me try
to carry
some of it





Ansel Adams, “Clearing Storm” 1945

Scar Tissue

I must
have known
all along
we would
come to this—
that you’d
into solitude
which is where
I found you
on all those
where people go
to find
I should have
your freedom
as your joy—
that you were
in your
solitary state
and didn’t need
my love
to make you







Woman:  I need to talk to you.

Man:  Can it wait?

Woman:  Yes, but…

Man:  Can you make it quick?

Woman:  This might be difficult to hear.

Man:  Go on.

Woman:  I don’t…

Man:  Hold on, I need to take this call.

Woman:  I’ll be upstairs.

Man:  That was a client.  What were you saying?

Woman:  I don’t know if I…

Man:  You don’t know if you what?

Woman:  I don’t know if we love each other like we’re supposed to.

Man:  You’ve got someone else, don’t you?

Woman:  I don’t have him.   He and I aren’t…

Man:  Are you cheating on me?

Woman:  I don’t know.

Man:  Are you sleeping with him?

Woman:  No.

Man:  Do you love him?

Woman:  I don’t know.

Man:  But you want to fuck him?

Woman:  No.  I don’t want to fuck him.  I just…

Man:  You just want to bake cookies with him?

Woman:  I just needed to tell you what was going on.

Man:  Is he in love with you?

Woman:  No.

Man:  Are you going to leave me for him?

Woman:  If I leave you, it won’t be for him.

Man:  Then why would you leave me?

Woman:  Because you’re never fully present.  You’re drunk or high, or…

Man:  So this other guy is perfect?

Woman:  He isn’t perfect.

Man:  How long has this been going on?

Woman:  Long enough that I needed to tell you.

Man:  What if I try to change?

Woman:  Then you’ll try to change.

Man:  Do you even want to work this out between us?

Woman:  I don’t know.

Man:  I hope you know this new guy is going to disappoint you.

Woman:  I can live with disappointments, but not without…

Man:  Without what?

Woman:  Love.

Man:  You know he’s got a slew of bad habits you know nothing about.

Woman:  I’m sure.

Man:  I love you.

Woman:  You need me.  You don’t love me.

Man:  Don’t tell me how I feel.

Woman:  I know how you feel.  You show me every day.




Painting by Edward Hopper, “Room in New York” 1932