You watch him
walk into the kitchen
for a drink of water
watch him turn
to open the cabinet
for a glass,
his profile sharp
against the soft pine,
and by now you know
he isn’t going
to offer to bring you
while he’s up,
and he helps himself
to a bowl of berries
before returning
to your side,
and you will say
something about the
beauty that still exists
in the world
because you are trying
to stay positive
in spite of being
but he won’t respond
he didn’t hear you
or he wasn’t listening…
either way
you are unheard again
as he focuses
his attention on the TV
which is advertising
male enhancement
between news stories
and you wish
there was some magic
potion to enlarge
his heart
which you are
beginning to realize
has always been
a few sizes too small.

3 thoughts on “Reductionism”

  1. I’m continually impressed by the crafted the paths of your poems, and the masterful way you spin multiple ideas around brilliant word choices and placements along the course.

    (I’d never heard the term “reductionism” until this poem. Thanks for the introduction.)

    Liked by 1 person

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