Boy (an imaginary child)

He (yes, a he)
was conceived in love
long after our own children were grown
and starting families of their own.
His eyes were golden brown like yours
and he never needed glasses
or contact lenses or braces
or help with his homework
and he didn’t need us to explain ourselves
when we told him how sorry we were
he wasn’t a bigger part of our lives.
He accepted
that we created him in our imaginations—
in our likeness
with a mind of his own
that led him to believe that if he’d had a body
he could have done anything he wanted to
including fall in love
with many women who were wrong for him
before he found the right one—
and they might have joked about
what it would be like if they’d had a child
if only there was more time,
more life left to spend getting right
all those things you and I
got so wrong.


“Nicholas” by Andrew Wyeth, 1956

Nothing Left to Say

to have nothing left to say
to have said it all

everything I feel
out there
in black and white

my heart gushing
onto a screen
resting in my lovers’ hand

all the right words
have been polished
in the tumbler of my heart

poured out
into this silence
that will keep me awake







“Compartment C Car” by Edward Hopper, 1938