What I Want

Very little, really.
If one hundred years
is too much to ask
I’ll settle for another
four seasons
as long as I can live
the way I want to live
which is bravely
and in sharp contrast
to the years I’ve
timidly resigned myself
to the notion that
I am the one
who must be reliable
and predictable
while everyone else
spins out of control—
I want everything
that matters to me
to begin to matter—
I want to say no
to a brand new kitchen
and hardwood floors
and yes to the gardens
blooming large
in my imagination.
I want to say yes
to the mountains
that keep calling me
and offering insights
on the importance
of living with less—
on almost nothing.
And nothing
is what I want
from everyone today
because it’s exactly
what I’ve left to give.






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