Day One, Part Two

Silence is
a soft blanket
over me tonight
and I wonder
if it’s too soon
to think of us
in the past tense
because last year
is how long
it’s been since
I held your hand
and your attention
to detail seems
to be focused
on doing
the right thing
which I admire
so much
it leaves me
almost at a loss
for words.







Day One, 2017

I am in love with you
of course
as you would expect
and I am just enjoying
the way the facts
trickle in
to color this black and white
picture I have of you
because when the year
is finished with us
we will both be so muddy
with imperfections
it will be impossible to tell
why I offered you
my love
or why you took it.






Painting by Tom Thomson, “Tamaracks” 1916