Somewhere, Re-imagined


You were there
and I was there too
and we were close enough
to touch each other
with our gloved hands
instead of just words—
which is what
we were accustom to.
It was twilight
under trees, under snow
that fell so slowly
it didn’t have time
to accumulate into an excuse
for me to be stuck on the trail
or in my car which was
parked so close to yours.
I didn’t wait for you
to walk into the winter scene—
didn’t wait for you
to notice me putting my keys
into the ignition.
Didn’t have the nerve
to wish you might want
to stop me from driving away
and ask if we could go
somewhere else
somewhere warm like
your kitchen or your bed
where we would decide
not to ruin everything
by making love
the way we make love
in my imagination.
So I drove away—
unable to risk the possibility
of waking up in your bed
in your arms which is only
where it feels like I belong.





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