“If you truly love nature,
you will find beauty everywhere.”
~Vincent van Gogh

Forget about the wild blue phlox
and the evergreens with the little nests
tucked neatly into their branches.
No one is denying the involuntary awe
drawn out of us by canyons so grand
they are lined with the history of the earth.
But what of the other nature—
the one equally inexplicable in its ability
to blossom and startle and endure?
This one is softer than the cotton sheets
that cover it in the night, more dangerous
than the red hot center of a volcano,
and as vicious as a territorial wolf
who guards his den.  Is this beauty?
When something like love pushes you
to those edges you could so easily
step off of, is this beauty?  I say yes—
and that edges are often where we find it.




Painting by Wendell Minor



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