Where you are it’s 2 a.m.
and you exist in sleep
six hours apart from me—
on a future date, in fact.
For you, it’s already tomorrow
but I’m stuck here in the past
at 8 p.m. writing a night poem
about your yesterday—
about the way we almost
told the truth
with a code of black letters
on a white screen and through
a thoughtful exchange of music
which is always dangerous
because lyrics can mean
almost anything you want them to
if you want them to—
and I wanted that song
you shared with me to mean
you wouldn’t be the man
to ruin my life—
even though you wanted to.


DeMaris Gaunt


One thought on “Lyrics”

  1. Sometimes I think I’m broken. So much I wish I could get off my chest but which I have to keep secret because knowledge would tear apart the one I have chosen to live in love. Like, how many times a day I fall in love, where I see someone and my heart just starts pounding in my chest. Sometimes I think maybe I can never truly love, since I feel so strongly about so many, often caused by little more than a glance at her face, or the sound of her voice. I hide behind a façade of intellect and purpose, but in truth, sometimes I think I’m broken.


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