Contest ~ A Heartfelt “Fuck You” Poem Inspired by Actual Events

Everyone knows the deadline
and keeps it near the top
of the mental to-do list
which is always adding up
to things we’ll never get around to—
but some of us make sure
we play by the rules of what is
most certainly a game of chance
and if we’re lucky
our skilled lines of communication
will impress the right people
in the right position
and our poems will find a home
in the lives of many instead of just a few—
but one of those poets
is about to be disqualified for
ranting that the deadline has been
extended—which can only mean
that The American Poetry Review
believes it’s okay
to squeeze twenty five dollars
out of a few more skinny pocketbooks,
because, hell, this is business—
nothing personal.
So I hope they accept my request
for a full refund and my impersonal
invitation to go fuck themselves.


DeMaris Gaunt

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