You wonder sometimes
how you make it this far
into the day
after the rejection letters
arrive in your mailbox
because the New Yorker
didn’t want your poetry,
and neither did the
American Poetry Review—
and it feels as if rejection
is your life sentence
because you could paper
a cell with these envelopes—
heck, you could paper it
with the stamps you buy
instead of that whiskey,
which you decide will
be your next purchase—
and the perfect consolation


DeMaris Gaunt


2 thoughts on “Submission”

  1. I’ve come to learn that prestige is very subjective. Working with enough idiots with Ivy League degrees but without practical, applicable skills in the workplace taught me that. I used to concentrate on those publications, but now I’ve come to love smaller magazines. I find the stories and poems listed are just as good.

    But of course, this is all subjective.

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