Our small paychecks
afford us a small vacation.
Four days is all.
Not even a week
to leave behind our life
as we know it.
So how important it is
to make it count—
all those seconds
into a few moments
worth remembering!
Even the last few miles
are precious,
and so the vibe, the mystique,
our great escape
was somehow
diminished, relinquished
and maybe even spoiled
when I suggested
we stop for lunch
instead of waiting
another hour
before we got home—
but you didn’t want to
because you were already
making plans to go to the gym
immediately after
we unloaded the car—
no slow transition
back to the familiar,
no snuggly nap
on our comfortable bed,
no decompression
upon re-entry.
You were already back home
without me.
You were already gone


DeMaris Gaunt

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