Autumn Cold

Can’t we just admit
that silence is an effective form
of communication?
It’s been days now
since each of us felt wronged
by the other.
I only offered you a hat
for the cold day, which annoyed you—
because I offered twice.
Once should have been enough
to shut me up,
so you snapped at me
for failing to consider you might be
old enough to know what you’d need
for the first cold day of Autumn
at the orchard.
And so the day was ruined—
as well as those that followed.
But we have apples now.
And pumpkins.
And a child so happy
that he never noticed his father
waited in the car while we walked
through the corn maze
and bumped along on the hayride.
Had he inquired—
I was ready to tell him the truth—
the temperature was unforgiving
and daddy’s ears were cold.


DeMaris Gaunt


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