Three Colors

“There is more than one way to see the world,”
is what I learned, finally, in college.  A painting class.
Before I heard my professor speak those words,
I lived in a tiny home with tiny parents—
and we went to a tiny church with tiny ideas.
I didn’t have permission to peek outside the doors
of my indoctrination – and to admit an innocent desire
to see the depth and degrees of what is human
would be enough to revoke my hard earned ticket
to the promised land.  But there it was – permission
granted by this man who could turn three colors
into a kingdom of sunlight and shadows!
Anxious, I went home with a thing more dangerous
than weapons – more hazardous than all my fears.
I had a new appetite.  Large, guiltless and brave.
I had new eyes that saw my dull gray world as bright.

DeMaris Gaunt

“Figure at a Window”
Salvador Dali, 1925

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