I’ve had a tendency
to begin sentences with
“There’s nothing worse than…”
and proceed to speak
about my troubles or my pain
without ever mentioning
that split second decision
to burn alive or jump
that some human beings
have had to make
while knowing that either choice
was going to be their last.
It’s the kind of lie that isn’t
meant to be dishonest or cruel,
but careless.  Inconsiderate.
Like saying, “I’ll just die…”
if we don’t make it to the
Burning Man festival this year.
When what I really mean
is that I forget sometimes
that there are better words
than others for how it feels to fall,
and I should be more careful
not to give the impression
that whenever I’ve hit bottom
my landing wasn’t
somewhat yielding
and comparatively soft.

DeMaris Gaunt

Sculpture in Photo:
“One and Other”
by Antony Gormley

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