Exit Wound

It is final—her death.
Her short life is over.
An accumulation
of her 40 years
was enough to produce
a kind of life which—
when ended—
shot bullets of grief
through her family
and friends,
and even those of us
who know her now
only by the stories
she left behind.
If only the last one
could be erased—
the story of her ending—
the story of the bullet
that isn’t a metaphor
for pain or death
or the kind of speed
with which sorrow
can pierce the day
with its cold metallic
indifference, and leave
the living on the ground
bleeding from
the exit wound.

DeMaris Gaunt

3 thoughts on “Exit Wound”

  1. I do not have the words to tell you how heart felt this piece is and the volumes it speaks of how so many feel about such a precious life cut needlessly short. I want to personally thank you for this touching piece you have wrote on behalf of such a loved girl and the life lost.


  2. Me either, I babysat for Cole when she was younger and have been a good friend of the family for years. This has touched people all over the United States, it has touched everyone that ever had a moment with Cole in their lives. That moment has proved to be way to short, I know that I, like many others am a better person for having had whatever brief time we were allowed with her.

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