Birthday Party

What hard work it is
pretending to be happy
at the birthday party
when there is so much
gaiety and laughter
floating in the air beneath
the colorful balloons.
Your smile is without joy
and you hope that your
stomach will kill those
goddamned butterflies
that are without beauty
or wings that you could
grab hold of to fly away.

DeMaris Gaunt

2 thoughts on “Birthday Party”

    1. Well, happy birthday! I hope you were able to enjoy the day for the most part, even though this poem was “right on target” for you.

      May 25th is the birthday of my mom AND my 15 year old son. We had a small party, and I was happy to get to see my son (he chose to move in with his dad last summer) but he was very dis-
      communicative and rude to me, which crushed me since I have such limited quality time with him. I know it’s him and not me (those moody teenage years!) but it was hard to handle while I tried to act unaffected for the sake of the other guests.


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