It would do no good
to ask you nicely
to stop bothering me
with your good manners
and your white teeth
shining from your smile.

I wish you would go away
and dial down the charm
of your vulnerabilities.

You keep showing up
on the newsstands and
and in the bookstores
and onstage in your
cowboy boots and purple tie.

That goddamned purple tie.

I won’t speak to you.
Even if you find me
in the library where whispers
could carry secrets
from our mouths to our ears
I wouldn’t speak to you.

It does no good
to run from you.
However fast I’m able to go
or how dark the room gets
when I turn off the light
I see you.

No matter how naked
my lover has stripped me
it’s you who move inside me.


DeMaris Gaunt

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