Loved Ones

Sometimes all you want
is for them to leave.
To leave the room.
To leave the house.
To leave you alone
just for a little while
so you can type out poems
or stir the soup into a
mesmerizing whirlpool.
But you don’t possess
the kind of grit it takes
to be unkind
so you watch a stuffed monster
do a few new tricks
and you praise the imagination
of your brown eyed boy.
It’s in the best interest
of a good marriage
to come when you’re called
and to not appear annoyed
when you’ve walked downstairs
to find a Youtube video
cued up ready
to entertain you with
a ten minute comedy bit
that had your husband in tears.
You will laugh
and that will be your sacrifice.
Later you will be the only one
awake with thoughts uninterrupted
and you will smile
as you think of all the sacrifices
made for you.
Earlier today
your son didn’t want to go
with daddy
to the hardware store
so you could have your peaceful hour.
Your husband didn’t want
to hang the new shelves
you wanted for the laundry room.
But he did.


DeMaris Gaunt

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