It floats above the masses
like a cloud that never turns gray
and gets the first and brightest light
before the tight rays diffuse
and settle without promise
on the more grounded aspects
of creation.

If it means anything,
it means any destination is yours
without purchasing a ticket.

Most are refused entry into its territory,
small and discriminate,
where there is no place for visitors
to touch down and experience it for a day—
just the crystal clear glass window
through which to peek into the clean
and uncontaminated factory.

Try not to confuse it
with home ownership and literacy.
I know it looks similar to a long bath
at two in the afternoon,
and a suntan from a Carnival cruise,
but those things are worked for.  Earned.

The invitation isn’t mine to extend
to anyone but my children—
who may or may not be born
with talent or brains—
but the correct skin tone is theirs.  For free.

And from my highest altitude
it doesn’t appear that any amount
of free will can redirect the favor
of the sun.


DeMaris Gaunt

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