The Real Monogamy

~After listening to Dan Savage talk about monogamy (video below)


I liked it better
when it was just me
in love with “him”
from afar—
certain that he’d love me back
if we met one day
on some city street,
then occupied the same
table in a restaurant
where the music
was so loud
we had to lean in close
and pay attention
to the shape of each others
mouth when we spoke.
I could at least imagine
that our minds would
be an eternally perfect match-
which would be the strange
and beautiful taste
that couldn’t be fully
but would linger and carry us
for the rest of our lives.
Then, somehow,
when it became clear
that the statistics say
even the lover
who shares your bed
has an unknowable “her”
it diluted the euphoria
that lay down with my wish,
part of which
was that “him” and I
were the only two people
in the world
who could accommodate
the explosion of a second love
without damaging
the first.

DeMaris Gaunt

Here’s a link to the Dan Savage video.  Something to think about.

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