Too Tall (A Post-Halloween Poem)

Here they come
on Halloween night
not much of a costume—
pillowcases held tight.

They’re six feet tall
with voices deep,
this group of boys
laughing trick or treat.

They stand on the porches
and to some must explain
that they decided they’d give it
one more Halloween.

They didn’t expect
that on All Hallows Eve
there would be such a fuss
or that they’d be told to leave.

Who said that the fun
on October’s last day
shouldn’t be for those kids
who want one last replay?

How about this
if you’re grumpy and cross—
next year when you see them
remember their loss!

It might seem to you
that these kids should act grown
but have mercy on them—
childhood’s only on loan.


DeMaris Gaunt

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