Solitary Confinement

All day, it seemed,

we made our way

toward each other, slowly,

the way a sensible child

approaches a stray dog,

unsure if it has a home



Small offerings of kindness

coaxed interest and trust

like when you offered me

the seat beside you

and I loaned you a pen

when you couldn’t find yours.


When dinner ended

and the conference dismissed

there was a scattering

of color and voices

carrying the relieved hum

of exhaustion.


And suddenly

we were unleashed—

skittish, and I couldn’t look at you

directly now that there

was no cage of itinerary

to keep us focused mostly

on our duty to the companies

that sent us here.


And as I walked down

the wide carpeted hallway

to my room,

the numbers on the doors

grew smaller—

and so did the reasons

I had for slowing down and

waiting for you to catch up.





DeMaris Gaunt



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