Eulogy for the Unknown Poet

There will be no mention
of the poems on the day
the poet is covered by the earth
because no one will know
they exist until the
house is entered and the discovery
is made of a thousand poems
scribbled in notebooks
and on scraps of paper stuffed
into the bottom dresser drawer.
The service will include no recitation of
poem or verse, just a pitiful reading
of Psalm 23, so trite
and meaningless to the living
and also to the dead,
who feared nothing – not even god,
and who will not be remembered
as a poet
or for brave experimentation with words.
The unknown poet, whose joy
in this life was merely translation—
(converting every feeling into words)
thought it best to be absent
in a permanent way
before friends and family opened
the notebooks and the drawers
and found the paper mirrors
which reflected an honesty so startling,
even the ugly, wrinkled world
seemed almost beautiful.

DeMaris Gaunt

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