Small Suffering

Small suffering

is for the page only—

for this white rectangle

flecked with black letters

that spell out the complaints

of the lucky,

the fortunate,

the fed,

the ones like me who know

that no voice should ever

carry the sound of our tiny


which are, compared

to the real pain of others—

nothing more

than a water stain

which will evaporate, dry,

and tomorrow,

barely exist.




DeMaris Gaunt


2 thoughts on “Small Suffering”

  1. I do appreciate my good fortune every day. So many creative people are unable to have the luxury of time…and this poem, in truth, came out of not being able to go to lunch with my husband, which is such a tiny disappointment it’s hardly worth noting, and the poem came from my feeling guilty about feeling disappointed! I mean, I’m not captive, I’m not starving, I’m not oppressed! BUT…the feeling demanded to be written!


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