Half a Bottle of Wine

Here it is:

I’m  drunk.  Alone.

And I’m not ashamed

or embarrassed

to admit

that when I opened up

the bottle of wine

I knew I’d

let it take me

wherever it wanted to go

and it didn’t matter

that I said wait a minute

let’s take it slow

and get to know each other—


It was nothing like that.

I took it

poured it

and what it did

was create this open

ended discussion

inside my head

where I realized

that we really are in control,

we just don’t care

who gets hurt

and we just want the excuse

to tell the truth

under the influence—

under the guise of


and I’m here to tell you

If I say I’m in love with him

I am…

right now,

and an hour ago

and tomorrow too—

and it really only means

that the heart is bigger

than we thought

or imagined.

It doesn’t mean I don’t love

who I’m supposed to love—

just that there are others too

who live here

in this often vacant






DeMaris Gaunt


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