Along the Lines

If you were one of those

who complained that longer lines

were going to be a problem for you

if the healthcare bill passed into law

the way a child might pass away

if he were uninsured,

come closer.


I want to look deep

into the trinity of your eyes—

the iris, the pupil and the white—

and see for myself if your humanity ends

where your religion begins.


After all, you,

who have paid your tithe

and lived so comfortably

on the soft pillow of coverage

cannot be expected to contemplate

the Lord’s complexity or question

his bestowment of blessings—

You simply accept by faith

that “deserve”

has something to do with it. 


All you know

is that it would be an abomination

if you had to wait an extra week

to see the specialist

or if you missed a tennis lesson at the club

because your appointment

got a fifteen minute bump

into your leisurely afternoon.


Come here.

Stand at the end of the line

and tell me what you see

before you close your eyes.



DeMaris Gaunt



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