Bread Alone

Bread Alone

Peanut butter is what you craved first

after surviving so long on bread alone.


You wanted to find out if His words were true—

if man (or kid, for that matter)

couldn’t live on bread alone—

or maybe you just wanted to prove Him wrong.


But on day two, your mother,

who you feared more than God Himself

said she was getting tired of this silly experiment

and insisted you eat some peanut butter

on the next slice.


At eight years old your reason told you

that to cheat just this once

would throw off the whole enterprise,

so you declined,

and took a few plain slices from the bag

before retreating to your room, alone.


You ate the bread alone, and dreamed all night

of the creamy taste of peanut butter

absent in your mouth

and by morning on the third day, you rose

to the tempting smell of bacon and eggs

which made you grin as you imagined Jesus –

silly Jesus, locked into an eternity

of believing some people might actually want

to live on bread alone.



DeMaris Gaunt




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