Who Am I?

I’m DeMaris.  I’m new here on WordPress.  I’m a poet, an artist, a wife and a mother.

My poetry is all of these things at different times: true, imagined, risky, simple, accessible, heart-wrenching, shocking, erotic, personal and universal.  I hope that these things add up to a few meaningful moments as you read a poem or two.

I write about what happens, and what doesn’t happen.  I often write as if I’m writing characters in a novel.  My inspiration comes from many sources: conversations I overhear, Facebook posts I read, news stories, etc.

I feel the same things you feel:  Joy, guilt, beauty, despair.  I say things many people want to say, but can’t say.  Shouldn’t say.  Need to say.  Won’t say.   I try to use my voice to fill the gaps that we all fall into.

I hope my poems are a pinprick to the ho-hum of your day.  I hope they punch you in the gut if they don’t make you cry.   And I hope they all sound at least a little bit familiar.


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