The Internal Affair

The Internal Affair


Their face need not be wholly beautiful.

An unexpected smile is enough

to ignite this startling daydream.


And because their body,

possibly flawed with imperfections,

is navigable only in your mind,


a new one can be created.

Surely yours, too, has been improved

without your knowing;


A scar removed, a bruise erased,

skin softened,

lifted and smoothed.


But before you close your eyes

and step away from your happy life

to imagine some parallel existence with this stranger,


some single detail must have drifted below the surface

of your stagnant waters

like a swallowed baited hook.


Just one mundane thing you have in common

is significant enough to push you up the stairs to your private attic

where you will stretch to reach your highest shelf


to remove a handful of unfulfilled wishes

which you will scatter like confetti

into one of your many vacant rooms.



DeMaris Gaunt




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